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military experienced real estate agent - currituck nc

Certified Military Relocation Specialist

Being a US Army veteran myself and married to a husband who grew up as a US Air Force "military brat", between the both of us we truly understand the special housing circumstances and benefits available to active-duty military, veterans, retirees and widows of US military members.

I started my real estate career with Homes for Veterans Realty back in 2000. Longtime Hampton Roads residents might remember their free publications found at grocery store entrances throughout the region at that time. We specialized in helping military and veterans use their VA and other government benefits to purchase homes in the Hampton Roads region.

PCS Rotations Present Unique Real Estate Challenges for Military Members

It goes without saying that the Hampton Roads, Virginia region is a hotbed of installations and bases for every branch of the military. The Army and Navy have multiple installations in Hampton Roads and Elizabeth City, NC hosts the USCG Aviation Logistics Center. There are over 80,000 military personnel in the region with approximately 15,000 of them transitioning out each year*. What that means is, military PCS rotations tend to generate a consistent housing sales market for the region. In turn, Hampton Roads as a whole tends to weather recessions better than other regions in the country and, I should add, when the military remains well-funded.

However, I also understand PCS protocols can also present special circumstances depending what's going on with the overall housing market when military family homeownership averages three PCS moves per twelve years.

military pcs real estate agents - currituck nc
military pcs real estate agents - hampton roads
certified military relocation real estate agents - hampton roads
certified military relocation real estate agents - currituck nc

I'm an Experienced Military Family REALTOR®

I love helping military and veteran families! I also possess a Military Relocation Professional (MRP) designation from the National Association of REALTORS®(NAR). What does this mean? I have specific knowledge about real estate related issues that affect our military members. Real estate-related tidbits like:

  • The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). If you took out a mortgage before entering active duty military service - also known as a “pre-service mortgage obligation” - you generally can't be foreclosed on without a valid court order while on active duty and for an additional 12 months after leaving active duty. The SCRA and foreclosure efforts are closely intertwined.
  • Did you know that if you are a 100% disabled veteran in NC or VA, you can get your homes personal property taxes exempted up to $45,000 through both State's veterans programs?
  • If you're being transferred here and looking to buy, your particular - or our local housing market - circumstances may warrant renting instead while stationed here.

If you found me online and are being transferred to one of the many military installations in Hampton Roads, contact me! I'll be your best advocate for helping find a home that's optimal for you. I'll strive to make your move as smooth of an experience as possible.

PCS'ing Out or Retiring?

As for selling your home, if you are being "PCS'd" out of the area or looking to retire in or out of my service area (Hampton Roads - Northeast NC), I may be of benefit to you over other realty agents. I can arrange for finding a quality military real estate agent where you're being transferred to outside of my service area. Send me a quick note about your plans and I'll respond with a qualified referral(s).

Retiring and sticking around the area? My husband's family did when his father retired from the Air Force in 1977. Many retirees are looking to stay in the general Hampton Roads metropolitan area. The appeal of nearby North Carolina's coast and countryside for many retirees makes working with me an ideal situation being licensed to service both sides of the State line.

My knowledge of both regions will ensure you get the best price for the home you look to sell and transition into your ideal retirement property. My goal is to make your PCS or retirement transition as smooth as possible taking advantage of as many military-focused benefits available to you as possible.

Get more info on what's going on here with an up-to-date Hampton Roads housing market report. You can also generate more precise info for other surrounding cities and counties in Hampton Roads from this website: MilHousing Network Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach) Housing Market Trends